January 18, 2018

Thumbs Up For Logitech’s G35 Surround Sound Headset

Logitech G35 Review by Nathan Vansyckel

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The Logitech G35 7.1 Channel Surround Sound Headset is an outstanding solution for gamers, making a full 7.1 experience possible through only two channels possible through impressive engineering and technology. The sound quality, positional sound features, comfort, and voice changing are just the top of the stack of features that makes me love this headset.


Physical Profile

The Logitech G35 is consistent with Logitech’s recent gaming gear in that it is quite boxy and angular, providing an appearance that readily identifies it as a Logitech product. One of the nicest things about the G series headsets, the way they can be customized by the user, remains true with the G35. For example, I’ve always hated having a LAN party and then having to set all my stuff back the way it was afterwards. Well, with the G35’s marked head band, that’s no longer a problem. All you do is remember what your settings are and you can quickly get back to normal. Another thing I like about the G35 is how it comes with three sets of pads for the head band. These allow the user to vary the way the headset sits on top of the head, giving you the most comfortable fit.

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I hate how some headsets make my ears feel crushed and pinched because the cups over the ear are too small. With the G35, the cups are roomy enough for comfort and the seal around them is of high quality enough to prevent even vibrating bass sounds from escaping. Don’t get me wrong though: the G35 does not have noise cancellation features and it does not give you complete isolation from the outside world. Still, it gives you enough so that you can enjoy your game experience without being distracted by sounds from your real environment.

Lightweight is not a good term for the G35 headset, although I can wear it for a long time without hurting my neck or feeling like it’s tilting toward one side of my head. The key is to adjust the headset so that it is balanced.

Control panel

The G35 is powered by a graphical control panel that sets your microphone and speaker settings. The GUI has separate sections for surround sound, voice morphing, headset buttons (G Keys), and surround sound. The only bad thing about the interface is that there is no volume control for each individual channel of the surround sound: there’s only a master control. The control doesn’t have an equalizer, something many will miss.


Without hesitation I recommend the sound quality of the G35. It has great channel separation and great coexistence of powerful bass and distinct highs. When you make the change from stereo to surround, be prepared because the virtual surround sound of the G35 is stunning. Front to back separation is distinct, and so is the change between left and right sides versus left and right rear. There’s no doubt about it in my mind, the logitech g35 is the best gaming headset.

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